Agador @poochofnyc

Apr 9, 2019

Meet Agador, the stylish Maltipoo Instagram star with 140,000 followers @poochofnyc. The Flatiron District is one of his favorite areas for a photo shoot. “It’s a photographer’s playground,” says Agador, whose résumé includes Google ads, the Rachael Ray Show, and Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” teaser video. “The neighborhood is a great place to socialize and relax on the benches or sit at one of the many café tables scattered throughout the Plazas.”

1. You are quite the Instagram sensation! How do you come up with your Instagram posts? Do you have any favorite spots in the Flatiron neighborhood that make great photo backgrounds?
I have two creatively insane Dads [Francis Bott and Allan Monteron] whom I’ve hired as my stylist, photographer, and writer. Our home base is in New York City, however, we travel the world together to capture fresh, unique, and interesting content to share with our followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Flatiron Plazas and adjoining Madison Square Park are two of my favorite destinations. My Dads produced many photos and videos from these locations as you can always capture something uniquely New York in the background, whether it is the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building, lampposts, taxis, buses, subway entrances, seasonal art installations, or food events.

2. Your name is unique. Tell us how you got the name Agador, and how did you decide on @poochofnyc as your Instagram handle?
As a long time fan of the movie The Birdcage and the character Agador Spartacus, Dad said it was an easy choice to find a unique name for such a unique looking dog. @poochofnyc took a little more thought as Instagram names do, but it seemed easy enough to remember, although it is certainly a lot to live up to.

3. You serve some major looks. Tell us about your fashion style. Do you have a favorite piece? Go-to accessory?
My prized possessions are my custom denim jackets. In the cold weather, I layer them with button downs and turtlenecks, and, of course, I never leave home without my favorite collection of eyeglasses, so I’m always prepared to strike a #cooldude or #agadorable pose for the camera.

4. Your signature hair has deemed you the “Bob Ross of dogs.” What is your hair routine?
Once every two weeks shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, and tease my big round head twice a day.

5. The pressure of being an Instagram celebrity… you must get recognized in the neighborhood all the time. Do you have any memorable fan encounters?
It’s always a pleasure to meet fans. On a regular basis, we have fans that ask us to meet with them for a photo. The Flatiron District is a convenient place for us and an easy location to find the out-of-town tourist. I’m not going to name drop, but you would be surprised how many celebrities we spot walking through the Park that recognize us from Instagram.

6. You have a little brother named Fred @littlefreddietinkles (good looks run in the family!). What do you two enjoy doing together?
@littlefreddietinkles is a cutie! A bit of a pain in the keister as little brothers tend to be, but we definitely like exploring new places together as we travel around this city and the world together. He is the bad boy of the family and definitely worth a follow on Instagram for a good laugh now and again.

7. Your posts routinely feature fine wine. Where’s your favorite place to grab a glass in Flatiron? And do like red, white, or rosé?
I love a good glass of red wine (well, at least Dad does)! Weather permitting, he always loves to grab a few glasses of Merlot or Cabernet on a sunny afternoon at any one of the local restaurants with outdoor seating such as Almond or Tappo Thin Crust Pizza. Outdoor seating means that I’m always welcome to join. Tables always fill quickly in the Flatiron area, so no time to be choosy!

8. What do you consider a “must-see” or “must-do” here in the neighborhood?
I thoroughly enjoy spending my afternoons at Madison Square Park where the city feels a little quieter and more relaxed. Periodically, there are new art installations, food fairs, or even concerts performed in the Park, which is always a welcome distraction from the norm.

9. What’s your favorite building or architectural element in the area?
The Flatiron Building and adjoining Plazas, of course! I am fascinated by the building’s architectural design and details of the façade. It makes an awesome background in a photo. It is easily recognizable and iconic for New York City.

10. Finally, choose three words to describe the Flatiron District.
Relaxing. Photogenic. Vibrant.


Photo Credit: Allan Monteron

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