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Jewell House NYC: Opening Reception Vol. 6

Family Community Culture Business Entertainment


6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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Jewell House
46 E21st Street, 3FL New York, NY, 10010



DATE: Thursday, SEPTEMBER 7th

TIME 6pm-9pm

Exhibition from the reception date SEPTEMBER 7th – NOVEMBER 31st at JEWELL HOUSE Gallery Space

This time we are welcoming back the very first collaborator artist to mark a significant milestone – the one-year anniversary of our journey together. We are honored to reintroduce to you the visionary artist, Sonomi Kobayashi an artist whose creativity and collaboration have been an integral part of our artistic endeavors from the very beginning.

With her return, we come full circle, revisiting the genesis of our artistic exploration and cherishing the evolution that has transpired over the past year especially with her NEW MOON RITUAL workshops that she host monthly at JEWELL HOUSE.

Sonomi Kobayashi’s artistic prowess is exemplified by her latest exhibition titled “Time & Space” – a captivating journey into the realms of meditation and the contemplative state of mind. As a true explorer of the intersection between science, physics, nature, and spirituality, Sonomi’s work beckons us to delve into the depths of our own consciousness.

Drawing inspiration from the cosmos above and the beauty that surrounds us, Sonomi’s creations are a fusion of the symbolic and the abstract. Each stroke on her canvas is a reflection of the images she encounters during her meditative journeys, and each shape she employs is a nod to the natural wonders that captivate her senses. As she engages in her artistic process, Sonomi’s work transcends mere representation – it becomes a meditation in itself, a form of mindfulness that allows her to be truly present in the moment.

The diversity of Sonomi’s artistic expressions is a testament to her boundless creativity. Through a harmonious interplay of alcohol ink, oil paint, watercolor, and intricate printmaking techniques, she crafts a visual symphony that resonates with observers on a profound level. Not content with confining her creativity to a single canvas, Sonomi’s audacious spirit is evident in her expansive site-specific installations that seize space and captivate imagination.

Intriguingly, Sonomi’s recent creations carry a celestial essence, as if the universe itself is whispering secrets through her brushstrokes. Without meticulous planning but with unwavering dedication, she navigates the cosmic currents, letting her brush dance across the canvas in response to the universe’s call. Her work serves as a reminder that art is not only a product of the artist’s hand but also a conversation between the artist and the universe.

As we gather to celebrate this reunion with Sonomi Kobayashi, let us immerse ourselves in the sensory new series she has put together. Let us explore the landscapes of thought, emotion, and contemplation that her work opens up to us. With each piece, she invites us to share in her meditation, to traverse the delicate balance between the tangible and the intangible.

Let us extend our warmest welcome to Sonomi Kobayashi and embrace the artistic odyssey that lies ahead. As we commemorate this remarkable one-year journey, may we find inspiration in the harmony she creates between the universe and the canvas, between the seen and the unseen. Please join us in this celebration of art, creativity, and the boundless possibilities they offer.

“Time & Space” – The Meditational State of Mind by Sonomi Kobayashi  is on view for 3 months, beginning SEPTEMBER 7th – NOVEMBER 30th during operating hours at Jewell House open 10am-7pm daily. All pieces are for sale. Please inquire.


The salon focuses on not only BEAUTY but WELLNESS and COMMUNITY. As a community theme of our concept, we have many collaborators from local artists, energy and tarot readers which we will be offering for FREE for everyone to see what the JEWELL HOUSE is all about.

Please join us for our Gallery Opening Reception and our complimentary services, refreshments and beverages.

*We have changed the system this time!!! Treatments sign up will be at the front desk when you sign in. It will be first come first so please come in earlier on your time slot if you wish to sign up for the treatments.

YOSHIEYELASH – eyelash consultation and eyebrow styling.
Healer section – Access Bars and Reiki session by Daria

Yoshieyelash/ Lash and Eye brow demo

Access Bars & Reiki by Daria

Tuning Fork Therapy by Megu

Faith Cosmetics – facial demonstration to experience Faith Collagen

Lymphathic Drainage – self massage how to

NODOKA – organic green tea tasting

More to be annouced…

*** CASH / Venmo gratuities are greatly appreciated for our kind wellness & beauty collaborators for participating! We will provide venmo info for every booth at the reception party.


ZOFI & CLAY  Leg Cup Ceramic Artist based in Brooklyn

AQUA MAREE Collage artist designing original tarot cards

PUBLIC GOODS Store specializing in sustainably produced lifestyle items and healthy food. Their items, including hand soaps and hand creams, are available at Jewell House.

SOPRANOLABS Gluten free product, “SOPRANOLAB”s Bath Salt is available at Jewell House.

NODOKA – Japanese Tea Tasting

Iichiko – Japanese Shochu Tasting

HEYV Wellness Product- Fasting Koso Drink
Bubbly Moon Naturals – Hand soap

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