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Jewell House NYC: Hietori (Warmth Therapy) Experience & Sharing Session

Family Community Culture Education


1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Jewell House
46 E21st Street, 3FL New York, NY, 10010


ひえとり温活体験 & お話会


Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Price: Early Bird $25/ person *sign up before 1/22

Regular Price $30/ person

Duration: 120 minutes

Jewell House
46 E. 21st Street, 3FL, New York, NY, 10010
(646) 932-1227info@jewellhouse.com



Join us learning Japanese holistic wellness method, “HIETORI” : Simple & logical life style to awaken your natural healing power.

What will happen at “HIETORI”  WELLNESS TALK

1. HIETORI experience: Wear layers of silk / wool socks with hot water bottle & experience the detox process in person.

2. Learn what is “hietori” & how to apply in daily life.

3. Tomoe’s personal experience how her life was transformed & how neutral lab was born will be shared.

4. Get to try Hietori tools & clothes from neutral lab. Available to purchase and order..

*Detox herbal tea will be served

Workshop fees will be waived with the purchase of a set of HIETORI socks.



46 E.21st Street, 3rd FL, New York, NY, 10010


TOMOE’s is the founder of the brand n e u t r a l l a b. The brand goes beyond the aesthetics of apparel, striving to evoke a sense of well-being transcending age, gender, size,  race, season and trends. Her fervor lies in guiding individuals back to their original neutral state, aligning with ultimate wellness goals.

Given that “H I E T O R I” forms the cornerstone of all  n e u t r a l  l a b  designs, this exhibition uniquely spotlights the wellness dimension of her brand for the first time in its decade-long evolution. We are thrilled at the prospect of JEWELL HOUSE Gallery Wall unveiling new facets and depths of what  n e u t r a l  l a b  can contribute to our lives.

HIETORI encapsulates a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the warming of the lower body through daily habits to enhance blood circulation and organ functions. Tomoe’s approach promotes immunity and overall well-being without reliance on medication. During the reception party, Tomoe will introduce the functionality and experience of HIETORI through her collection, accompanied by a workshop educating attendees on how her lounge wear collection can positively impact health.

Inspired by Japanese Kimono, the natural beauty of Azumino Nagano, Japan (Tomoe’s hometown), the dynamic city life of NYC, and global travel experiences, all  n e u t r a l  l a b  garments reflect a fusion of the neutral state within their design.

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