New Neighbor: Towa

New Neighbors

Apr 13, 2022

We’re excited to welcome Towa, the modern Japanese and kaiseki-inspired restaurant to the neighborhood. Located at 36 West 26th Street in NoMad, Towa opens with Hand Hospitality, the team behind notable restaurants, including Her Name is HanJua, and Atomix.

“Towa chose this neighborhood because it is a landmark of New York, a place where various food cultures and dining are combined,” says the Towa team. “We are very happy to a neighbor.”

Towa celebrates the elements of a Japanese kaiseki meal, which is a traditional, seasonally-driven, technique-heavy multi-course dinner. The restaurant offers a casual and vibrant setting with a la carte dishes and a curated list of cocktails and sake, perfect for dinner with friends, family, or solo. Towa’s menu is led by Chef Masaya Shirai, former Chef of Michelin-starred restaurant, Sushi Azabu. The menu is organized by cooking technique, an important component of Kaiseki cuisine, including Fried, Grilled, Raw, and Boiled. Additionally, Towa offers a counter-only omakase menu for $100.

Photo Credit: Hand Hospitality

For dinner, start with an appetizer or two, such as the Kanpachi Carpaccio served with Ponzu sauce, Asian pear, radish, dill, and extra virgin olive oil. Also, order the Umami Tomato, a Dashi broth marinated tomato with dashi jelly, chia seeds, and passion fruits. Continue on with Agemono – Fried dishes like the Truffle Croquette, handcrafted and filled with minced beef, potato, truffle paste, and topped with a truffle slice. Enjoy the Yasai Vegetable Tempura with assorted vegetables, including eggplant, okra, lotus root, sweet potato, and shiitake mushroom, among others.

Photo Credit: Hand Hospitality

For Yakimono – Grilled plates, enjoy the Wagyu Ishiyaki, a DIY steak grilling platter with A5 wagyu beef served with wasabi, yuzu kosho, miso, and soy sauce. Or, try the Yaki Gani, grilled king crab that’s complimented by a creamy crab miso sauce. Nabemono – Hot Pot options include Sukiyaki Nabe featuring a soy sauce based clear broth with sliced wagyu beef, tofu, and vegetables. Savor the Tantan Nabe, a spicy based soup with minced chicken, shisho, and tofu, or order the Hotate Shinjo Nabe, a dashi broth based soup with minced hotate ball, napa cabbage, and tofu.

Additionally, Towa offers Sashimi and Sushi, including Seasonal SashimiNigiri, and specialty rolls. Not to be missed are the Prosciutto Maki and Uni Wagyu Maki Rolls. The Prosciutto Maki comes with prosciutto, crab meat, caper, dill, avocado, and shiso flower. The Uni Wagyu Maki features a seared wagyu slice, uni, and asparagus. Enjoy Shokuji – Noodle offerings like Ebi Mazemen, a dry noodle dish with a shrimp bisque sauce, or Kamo Soba, a hot buckwheat noodle soup with duck breast, among more flavorful choices.

Photo Credit: Hand Hospitality

Pair your meal with a handcrafted cocktail from Towa’s extensive beverage menu that highlights Japanese whiskey and sake with fresh juices and key ingredients. Try the Greenwich made with sparkling sake, okunomatsu sake, shiso syrup, and cucumber slice. Perfect for spring and summer, enjoy the Sun Peach, with suntory hibiki whiskey, peach puree, oolong tea, and fresh lemon juice.  End your dinner with Kanmi – Dessert, including Pomegranate Shiso GelatoSake Kasu Cheesecake, and Panna Cotta.

Photo Credit: Hand Hospitality 

With a mid-century modern design aesthetic, Towa’s design includes warm woods with a 42-seat dining room. The intimate omakase bar features an additional 8 seats.

Head to Towa for a unique and unforgettable dining experience!

Towa is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5 pm to 9:30 pm, and Friday through Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm. You can make a reservation here.

Towa, 36 West 26th Street, Reservations@towanyc.

All Photography CreditHand Hospitality.

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