TO: Qualified Metro NYC Fabrication Firms
FROM: Kurt Cavanaugh, Vice President of Planning (kcavanaugh@flatironnomad.nyc)
SUBJECT: Request for Quotes – Fabrication & Installation of PORTAL FLATIRON
DATE: 7/15/2022
CC: James Mettham, Scott Kimmins, Nicole Mandel, Claudia Rincon

The Flatiron NoMad Partnership (“the Partnership”) is releasing a Request for Quotes (RFQ) to metro NYC fabrication studios to build, transport, rig, and connect PORTAL Flatiron, an interactive public art installation, in the Flatiron South Public Plaza, located on Broadway between East 22nd and East 23rd Streets, in the fall of 2022. The installation goal date is mid-December 2022 through May 2023.

PORTAL – Dimensions & Technical Requirements

A set of PORTAL structures currently connects Vilnius, Lithuania with Lublin, Poland. These structures stand 3.4 meters (11 feet) tall and use proprietary software to activate webcams to “connect” various locations around the world. PORTAL Flatiron will be placed on the Flatiron South Plaza, adjacent the Flatiron Building, and connect with a unit in another large city. This unit will utilize existing electrical infrastructure located on the South Plaza and in the Flatiron Plate food kiosk. Firms are asked to consider the following when responding to this RFQ:

  • From architectural drawings that will be completed by late August, quote to fabricate a structure of 11+ feet in height using concrete or architectural concrete; quote to procure and install a large LED screen and high-powered webcam; and quote to ensure electrical and internet hardware is connected so that PORTAL Flatiron performs in all weather conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to six months. See Parts & Materials list below.
  • Quote shall also include costs to transport the structure to the Flatiron South Plaza, costs to secure a signed and sealed letter certifying structural integrity by a licensed NYS engineer, and costs to provide indemnification and insurance (GL of at least $3M).
  • Firms will also need to make timely repairs or adjustments as needed during the installation period and remove the installation in May 2023.
  • Parts & Materials:
    • Screen: Gloshine AS 3.91 0.5m x 0.5m modules x 32 (must be waterproof)*
    • Camera: CISCO Webex Desk, CD-DSKCAM-C-WW with 81 ̊diagonal field of view (or similar camera)
    • Concrete: Sand 0/4 960kg; Granite chip 2/8 1,015kg; Cement 360kg; Water 145L; Fiber 2.94kg; Chemistry (stachement) 2.7kg; W/C 0.44
    • White LED Strip: Akto AFL-60UXXMHT-XW 12v, 6500K
    • Outside Detailing Metal: Stainless Steel 304L
    • Inside Construction Metal: En10219-2 metal profile
    • Glass: 12 mm glass (6+6 laminated tempered glass)
    • Misc: LED screen is used with Nova Taurus TB8 multifunctional processor; Cable internet and/or dual SIM card WiFi router

Qualified firms are asked to respond with an itemized quote to Kurt Cavanaugh, Vice President of Planning (kcavanaugh@flatironnomad.nyc) no later than Monday, July 25 at 5PM EST.


  1. Area occupied by the portal structure: 3.2 x 3.2 m (height of the construction is about 3.4 m) and additional 5 m open area in length in front of the portal camera (usable visible distance of the camera).
  2. The pavement should be as level as possible (pavement, concrete, asphalt, etc.). It is very likely possible that we will apply thin layer of sand under the structure for additional leveling.
  3. Electrical requirements: minimum 2.5 kW single phase power outlet with earthing wire. So it should be three cable (line, neutral, earthing). 220-230 V outlet with automatic 16 A breaker would be idconductorseal. It can be an open cable or socket. Average power consumption per month would be roughly 36 kWh.
  4. Secure area or surveillance cameras to ensure the security of the structure.
  5. 4 G communication modems, with a local operator’s internet connection. Stable speed at least 6Mbps.
  6. A local specialist who can help to switch off / on the power supply of the installation (to restart the installation). Person able to clean the camera lenses and protective glass of the screen and other small maintenance.

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